Class Blog

In EAST, one of your major “assignments” is to keep a journal of your process.  The blogs must be constantly updated with at least one post per week.  The blog will allow for a forum of constant feedback.  Each student in EAST is responsible for the maintenance of their blog. Students will be given time on each Friday to complete their blog.  Blogs must be completed no later than 4pm on the Friday it is due.

All blogs will be hosted on You can visit your blog by typing your into your browser.

  1.  Each week you will need to create a blog post that documents your progress towards your project goal.
    • At minimum, this post should include the following information.
      • What you had planned for that week (from your to-do list on
      • Multiple pictures/video/screenshots that show completion, progress, setbacks, mistakes, etc. 
      • How you actually spent your time (daily log) and an explanation if there was a significant difference from your plan.
      • Your plan for the next week.
    • Here is a link to a well-written example: Example Blog