Quarterly Presentations

Each quarter, all project groups must give a presentation to the class showcasing their work and illustrating their progress towards their big goal.  All project members must present at least the individual questions described below.

Using Google Slides, give a 3-5 minute presentation addressing the following questions:

Group Portion (can be answered by anybody in your group)

  1. Brief introduction of project
    • Who is on your team?
    • What is your big goal?
    • How does this benefit others?
    • How are you using technology?

Individual Portion (must be presented by individual who completed it)

  1. Please create a slide for each of your major “to-dos” completed during the quarter. If you did something multiple times (i.e. broadcasted a game on “The Nest,” took pictures of athletes, or requested donations) you can condense this to one slide. List the “to-do” as the title of the slide.
  2. Include a picture/video/etc. showing completing of the “to-do.” Please choose the appropriate format for the proof.
  3. During the presentation, please describe each “to-do” to the class. If it was a team effort please indicate that you had help and who helped you.
  4. Please create a slide(s) called 3rd Quarter Learning. Please include your “proof/artifacts. Please describe to the class what you have learned, how it benefited your project, and the resources used.